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Facts about Greyhound Friends

The greyhound adoption kennel Greyhound Friends neglected sick and injured dogs. The kennel has been temporarily closed since January 2017 after receiving multiple warnings to fix unsanitary and unsafe conditions. The charity's financial dealings have been under investigation by the Mass Attorney General's Public Charities Division. 

Despite this, Greyhound Friends is trying to reopen. Get the facts and sign the petition against reinstatement of the kennel license.

Greyhound Friends dogs doubled up in kennel.png

What happened at Greyhound Friends?

Law enforcement officials and state agencies discovered Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton was neglecting sick dogs and keeping dogs in unsafe conditions. In addition, the Public Charities Division of the Mass Attorney General's Office found that Greyhound Friends founder Louise Coleman breached her fiduciary duty of loyalty to Greyhound Friends through the misuse of charitable funds and that the Greyhound Friends Board of Directors failed to “ensure management and operational decisions were made in the best interest of the organization.”

Despite this, Greyhound Friends is trying to reopen.