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Questions remain about neglect at Greyhound Friends

Blog about Greyhound Friends

Learn more about the issues that animal rescue law enforcement and state agencies uncovered about the greyhound adoption group Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Greyhound Friends is closed but is trying to obtain a new kennel license, despite recent reports that they neglected sick and injured dogs.

Questions remain about neglect at Greyhound Friends

Stephen Bassignani

Greyhound Friends president Stoddard Melhado and veterinarian Pamela Josephson among those aware of neglect

As we read through the reports of neglect of dogs by Greyhound Friends, a question struck us. How many people at the kennel knew about what was happening to these dogs? 

In the case of Moe, who Greyhound Friends left waiting for treatment for aggressive cancer for nearly two months, the records indicate several people there were aware of this. The Mass Department of Agricultural Resources reports show that in addition to Greyhound Friends Executive Director Louise Coleman, Greyhound Friends Board President Stoddard Melhado, Greyhound Friends veterinarian Pamela Josephson, and staff member Mickayla Shepard were all aware that Moe was awaiting treatment. In a text message to a kennel volunteer, Shepard expressed frustration about this, stating:

“[Moe] had part of the toe amputated during his neuter (two or so months ago) and it was sent for a biopsy. The results came back a week later as cancer. He is supposed to have a chest x-ray to make sure it’s nowhere else, then he is supposed to have his toe removed. [Dr. Josephson] reminds Louise [Coleman] about him EVERY WEEK. And she still hasn’t made an appointment."

Greyhound Friends neglect email about Moe.png

There is no evidence that Melhado, Josephson, or Shepard reported the neglect to the authorities. Melhado calls Greyhound Friends care of dogs "superior".

According to the most recent annual filing with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office, Stoddard Melhado remains at the helm as Greyhound Friends Board President. 

In addition, Mr. Melhado wrote to the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources stating that Louise Coleman was terminated as executive director. However, a recent news article indicates that she adopted out a dog after she was allegedly on a leave of absence -- and after the Framingham District Court judge ordered her to stay away from the kennel and not get involved with new kennel operations.