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Hopkinton says no to Greyhound Friends kennel license

Blog about Greyhound Friends

Learn more about the issues that animal rescue law enforcement and state agencies uncovered about the greyhound adoption group Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Greyhound Friends is closed but is trying to obtain a new kennel license, despite recent reports that they neglected sick and injured dogs.

Hopkinton says no to Greyhound Friends kennel license

Stephen Bassignani

On September 11, 2018, the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen held a public hearing about the Greyhound Friends kennel license. The purpose of the hearing was to determine if the kennel housed dogs in humane and sanitary conditions and if proper records were kept by law.

Prior to the hearing, Hopkinton Police Lieutenant Bennett conducted an inspection of the kennel and those findings were presented at the hearing. The inspection revealed numerous deficiencies, including insufficient kennel size and lack of certain conditions for sanitation of the facility. According to the report, Greyhound Friends also could not account for at least one dog. Based on the results of the inspection, Lieutenant Bennett determined that the kennel does not meet the standards for humane and sanitary care outlined in the town bylaws.

During the hearing, Greyhound Friends attorney Elizabeth Reinhardt, Greyhound Friends President Stoddard Melhado, Greyhound Friends President-elect Caryn-Amy Rose, and Greyhound Friends kennel and operations manager Theresa Shepard spoke in favor of the license.

Greyhound Friends Hopkinton history of violations.png

Witnesses opposed to Greyhound Friends license

The Director of Law Enforcement for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, an epidemiologist and veterinarian, an animal evaluator, and two former Greyhound Friends volunteers and board members spoke against reinstatement of the license. > Watch the testimony.

During her testimony, epidemiologist Dr. Joann Lindenmeyer presented a timeline of Greyhound Friends’ numerous animal welfare violations spanning nearly 30 years. Several witnesses spoke about the investigations by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and “the drain the kennel has placed on state and local resources.”

Members of the public also had an opportunity to speak and to share firsthand experiences with the kennel. One young woman who adopted a dog from Greyhound Friends months after the kennel license was suspended spoke about her experience, stating that the group adopted a sick dog to her without properly treating his illness and without disclosing his illness to her. “Even shutting them down did not send the message that these dogs needed to be treated medically."

At the conclusion of the public hearing, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to recommend to the town clerk that he not issue the kennel license to Greyhound Friends. On September 12, 2018, Town Clerk Connor Degan received the Hopkinton Police Department kennel report and issued a letter to Greyhound Friends that the kennel license application is denied.

However, Greyhound Friends has publicly stated that it is continuing to seek a new kennel license.

Sign the below petition against reinstatement of the Greyhound Friends kennel license.

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