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Letters about Greyhound Friends

Read letters of concern from the many individuals and animal rescue organizations that blew the whistle on Greyhound Friends, a nonprofit greyhound adoption rescue that is under fire for inhumane conditions and neglect of dogs. 

Letters of concern about Greyhound Friends

Numerous animal rescue organizations who received dogs from Greyhound Friends; animal welfare professionals who visited the kennel; Greyhound Friends adopters; and former staff members and volunteers wrote letters of concern about the way the dogs were being treated.

Animal rescues that received dogs from Greyhound Friends:

Animal Protect Center of Southeastern Mass

Pittie Love Rescue

Pittie Love Rescue volunteer

Rainbow Rescue

Baypath Humane Society

Second Chance Animal Shelter

AniMatch animal rescue volunteer

Former Greyhound Friends staff and volunteers:

Former Greyhound Friends volunteer Deb Coviello

Former Greyhound Friends staff member Brianna Burkhart

Former Greyhound Friends volunteer Catherine Staniunas

Former Greyhound Friends supporter/volunteer Alyse Morrisette

Greyhound Friends adopters:

Greyhound Friends adopter - dog was untreated for a ruptured hock

Greyhound Friends adopter - reported underweight, sick dog

Greyhound Friends adopter - reported that dog was severely underweight and had behavior issues after a year at the GF kennel

Greyhound Friends adopter - reported dog was sick, contagious, and had been confined at a public dog boarding facility

Former Greyhound Friends adopter/donor Christopher Lundgren

Former Greyhound Friends adopter and volunteer Carla Kenney

Animal welfare professionals who visited Greyhound Friends:

Animal behaviorist Kelley Bollen (letter)

Animal behaviorist Kelley Bollen (report)

Former Baypath shelter manager who served as animal control

Additional letters from animal welfare professionals:

Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore, founder of Forensic Veterinary Investigations, former shelter veterinarian at the MSPCA, and co-author of the Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters

Group letter from additional animal welfare advocacy groups, animal rescue organizations, an animal behaviorist as well as community members stating they do not feel it is prudent to issue a kennel license to Greyhound Friends

Professional dog trainer Kate Brady

Debbie Jacobs, animal trainer/specialist in fearful dogs

Letter from PETA in opposition to Greyhound Friends reopening

Other letters:

Former Holliston Meadows intern Emily Morrisette

Visitor to Greyhound Friends kennel - reported concerns about kennel conditions



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