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News about Greyhound Friends

Read a sampling of news coverage about Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton, a nonprofit greyhound adoption kennel that has temporarily been closed due to unsafe conditions. Recent news reports documented the neglect of sick and injured dogs. 

News about Greyhound Friends

Read a sampling of news reports about animal welfare concerns and financial issues uncovered at Greyhound Friends, a greyhound adoption group in Hopkinton, MA.

Boston 25 News

Where is the Money?

Former greyhound charity director to pay $40,000 in Attorney General settlement over misuse of donor funds; barred from charity role.

Greyhound Adoption Kennel Accused of Mistreating Dogs

Two former Greyhound Friends volunteers and board members blew the whistle on Greyhound Friends, speaking out about concerns about warehousing dogs and about the way the charity was spending donor money. 

Metrowest Daily News

Louise Coleman reaches deal with Attorney General for Misuse of Funds

The state’s top prosecutor found former Greyhound Friends Director Louise Coleman was using the organization’s money on personal expenses and not keeping proper financial records. To settle these charges with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Coleman is required to pay $40,000 to Greyhound Options, another greyhound adoption group in Massachusetts that has a similar mission. 

“Because Ms. Coleman cannot account for the use of certain GHF assets from at least as early as 2013 through March 2017 — including the withdrawal of petty cash and the withdrawal of four-figure sums of cash from GHF’s account — and because she cannot account for the extent to which those cash withdrawals furthered GHF’s charitable purposes, Ms. Coleman must stand a loss,” the court document reads.

Hopkinton’s Greyhound Friends reaches deal with AG on oversight

Greyhound Friends reached an agreement with the state Attorney General’s Office after a nearly two-year investigation revealed lack of corporate oversight and financial controls.

The deal acknowledges that the organization’s Board of Directors failed to provide sufficient oversight of former Executive Director Louise Coleman and failed to ensure management and operational decisions were made in the best interest of the organization.

Attorney General Expands Probe of Greyhound Friends Finances

The article delves into the expansion of the Massachusetts Attorney General's investigation into Greyhound Friends “to determine whether charitable funds have been applied to charitable purposes or if breaches of trust have been committed in the administration of Greyhound Friends, Inc."

Hopkinton's Greyhound Friends Remains Closed a Year Later 

The article reveals a detailed report from the state finding that Greyhound Friends neglected sick and injured dogs. The article also notes that Greyhound Friends adopted a sick dog out after losing its kennel license. A longtime Greyhound Friends employee and the newly appointed kennel and operations manager stated they “did not knowingly adopt out a sick dog”. However, Mass Department of Agricultural Resources records show the dog tested for high levels of hookworms both during his time at the Greyhound Friends kennel and during the dog’s time in a boarding facility after the kennel’s closure.

State Blasts Lack of Enforcement

The article describes decades of animal welfare violations by Greyhound Friends.

Rescue Groups Question Greyhound Friends 

The article quotes multiple animal rescue organizations that spoke out about filthy conditions, lack of proper vet care, and improper confinement of dogs by Greyhound Friends. 


Hopkinton rescue group attracts scrutiny of Attorney General 

According to an audit the I-Team obtained, the Greyhound Friends' finances are getting a closer look from the public charities branch of the Attorney General’s Office.


Hopkinton Independent









Selectmen vote against Greyhound Friends

During a two-hour public hearing about the Greyhound Friends kennel license appliciation, the Hopkinton Police reported that based on the most recent kennel inspection in September 2018, the kennel does not currently meet the criteria for humane and sanitary conditions outlined in the town bylaws. Issues uncovered include cages that are not large enough to house dogs of this size, lack of hot water, as well as deficiencies with sanitary guidelines. A review of the dogs’ records also found Greyhound Friends was not in compliance with required recordkeeping. Notably, Greyhound Friends also could not account for two of the dogs.

During the hearing, the Director of Law Enforcement for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, two former Greyhound Friends volunteers and board members, an animal evaluator, and a veterinarian and epidemiologist spoke against reinstatement of the Greyhound Friends kennel license. At the close of the hearing, the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to recommend that the town clerk not approve the kennel license for Greyhound Friends. On the following day, the town clerk rejected the license application.

Greyhound Friends Update

The article addressed the expansion of the Attorney General's investigation into Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton and detailed some of the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture report about sick dogs who reportedly received poor care while at Greyhound Friends, leading to issues ranging from infection, major surgery, a toe amputation and euthanasia. 

Greyhound Friends Seeks to Reopen

The article highlights letters from several Massachusetts shelters and rescue organizations to the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen detailing concerns about the dogs’ care. This was the first news article we’re aware of to show pictures from inside the kennel prior to the latest shutdown of Greyhound Friends. This is the third time Greyhound Friends has been ordered to cease & desist operations.

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