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Reports about Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton

Read official state reports about animal neglect at Greyhound Friends of Hopkinton as well as documentation and photos of the unsafe and unsanitary conditions discovered there. 

Official reports about Greyhound Friends

Numerous law enforcement and animal welfare agencies documented neglect and inhumane conditions at Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton, MA. 

2017 report: neglected dogs 

2017 Mass Department of Agricultural Resources report documented Greyhound Friends neglect of sick and injured dogs

The agency found that “these dogs’ cases were brought forth as examples of the lack of adequate care that pervades the culture at Greyhound FriendsThese are not the only animals that suffered [there]."

2017 report: kennel conditions

2016 report

Dec 2015 report





Meeting between animal welfare law enforcement officers, the state animal health inspector, the animal control officer, and Greyhound Friends board members 

Many animal care concerns were discussed during the meeting, including the fact that Greyhound Friends was sending dogs to facilities with serious animal husbandry issues. Notably, Greyhound Friends corporate board member Kathy Mahoney sent dogs to a dog "trainer" who while the trainer was under investigation for animal cruelty.

Oct/Nov 2015 reports





Mass Dept of Agricultural Resources, MSPCA Law Enforcement, and Animal Rescue League of Boston Law Enforcement visits to Greyhound Friends to address ongoing animal welfare concerns

Law enforcement officers and animal welfare agencies visited Greyhound Friends to address numerous issues, including kennel overcrowding, dogs living in crates, dogs being confined for years -- and lack of recognition Greyhound Friends of a dog's obvious fear, despite her cowering and shaking. During one visit, Greyhound Friends Executive Director Louise Coleman banged a metal dish against the wall to try and get the dogs to stop barking.

Mass Department of Agricultural Resources visits to Greyhound Friends

Greyhound Friends was importing difficult-to-adopt mixed hounds and moving them to other shelters. During a visit from the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources, Greyhound Friends Executive Director Louise Coleman stated that they were “bringing in mixed hounds because they were looking for additional sources of income since greyhound racing no longer exists in Massachusetts."

Ongoing animal welfare concerns at Greyhound Friends

Records show continual overcrowding of dogs, a cease & desist order and a fine from the state, and a warning to Greyhound Friends from the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen that any additional violations would result in permanent suspension of the kennel license

2010 cease & desist order




Failure of Greyhound Friends to follow state regulations 

Despite being notified in 2005 that they could not import dogs from out of state, Greyhound Friends continued to do so. The Mass Department of Agricultural Resources then issued a cease & desist ordering them to again stop importing dogs from out of state.


Letter from the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources to Greyhound Friends

Greyhound Friends was notified that they were not approved to import dogs from out of state since they did not have proper isolation facilities for this purpose.

Town and state records documenting ongoing violations by Greyhound Friends

Records of kennel overcrowding, housing of dogs in travel crates, as well as a statement from the Hopkinton Animal Control Officer that these problems have been going on for at least 11 years.


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